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4Web Inc. creates highly customized websites using Joomla! and WordPress. We use open source software to meet our clients' online business goals and marketing objectives. Experience, honesty and ingenuity are the foundation of our approach for creating engaging, responsive and strategic online business solutions. We take being part of the Web community seriously so we make sure to time to share some our findings here.

Enhancing WordPress With Essential Plugins

Creating a WordPress site is a fast way to get your content online; sign up for an account on this post by WPTavern and plug away. In no time at all your ideas and content can be online for everyone to see. But there are limits to this free service, and one such limit is that you cannot add plugins to a site hosted on WordPress.com.

WordPress Plugins provide a great way to add features or change functionality on your site without modifying the theme. So if your site needs some of that additional functionality, sign up with a host, install WordPress, and then you can add these powerful tools to your site. Here's how!

Learn to Install WP Plugins

Getting Started with WordPress Child Themes

Wordpress Child Theme

WordPress powers two thirds of the internet, and that sort of thing doesn't happen by accident. WordPress is powerful, customizable, simple to learn and endless in possibilities. This means that there are lots of resources available to help you through the twists and turns of WordPress development. Here, we'll focus on what Child Themes are, why you should care, and how to get your site up and running with a Child Theme.

Learn How to Create WP Child Theme

Startup Company Empire Malt Works

Empire Malt Works

When you're a startup company it is extremely important to have a Web presence. You are trying to get your name out and the first thing people do is see if they can find you online. 

Empire Malt Works is a perfect example of this. They have plans to build a Micro Malting Plant (MMP®) in the Capital region of New York state this year. Because they don't yet need a multi-page site, they asked for a one-page microsite that would enable people to find and contact them. Their new site features professional photography and a simple responsive design, beautifully communicating who they are.

This group is excited about their endeavor and now they have a website that can grow along as they do, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. We are excited to help them and will remain a resource for them as their business grows. Chat with us to see how we can help you establish your company's Web presence.


New Website for Wooden Crosses

Woody Shook

Woody Shook is a one-man business. Working from the shop in his New Hampshire home, he hand carves crosses, spoons, celtic knots and other beautiful items from wood.

Woody was a long-time 4Web hosting client with an outdated HTML site that didn't adequately showcase his products, and we'd had several conversations with him over the past couple of years about updating the site. He diligently read our newsletters about the importance of Responsive Design and being Mobile-Friendly, and early this year he decided it was time to take the plunge. This was no small decision for him because as an entrepreneur he had to justify the cost against the perceived benefits. It was important to him that we find ways to keep his costs down while we improve his website.

Read about the Financially Manageable Solution