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4Web Inc. creates highly customized websites using Joomla!, an extremely flexible and robust content management system, to meet our clients' online business goals and marketing objectives. Experience, honesty and ingenuity are the foundation of our approach for creating engaging, responsive and strategic online business solutions. We take being part of the Joomla community seriously so we make sure to time to share some our Joomla findings here.


Add Joomla! Menu Wrench to your Developer Toolbelt

Joomla! Menu Wrench—developed by Matt Thomas of betweenbrain™—is a module that is so useful that it really ought to be incorporated into core. Menu Wrench circumvents Joomla's one-menu-to-a-module limitation, allowing you to pick and choose menu items from across any number of different menus and display them on the front end as one integrated menu. Can't image how this might be useful to you?

  • You'll no longer need to create those footer menus that are nothing more than a list of menu item aliases to a subset of the main menu. Just configure and publish a Menu Wrench module in which you've selected the specific menu items you want to appear.
  • It's great for creating customized "related articles" modules. Sure, you could create a custom-HTML module with links to the desired articles, but it's quicker and cleaner with Menu Wrench.
  • Do you need to present a site map that is perhaps more user-friendly (logical?) than one automatically generated by your sitemap extension? Menu Wrench gives you that ability.
  • Think about some of the sites you've built recently—you'll probably have your own "ah ha" ideas.

Don't wait until Joomla! Menu Wrench is incorporated into core (wishing/hoping!) to learn how this module can solve some of your menu-wrangling headaches. Take a look at the documentation and then do yourself a favor; download this clean, easy-to-use beauty now. And, yes, of course you'll see it's listed on the JED.

Manage Multiple Joomla Sites With Watchful

Watchful.li logoIf you have ever gone through a Joomla upgrade cycle you know that it can be a little, well, repetitive. Have you ever wished for a central monitoring site for all of those Joomla installations: one where you could upgrade components, run backups, install extensions, and even upgrade Joomla itself?

Looks like the fine people at Anything Digital and Inetis have been listening, because  they have created watchful.li, which heralds itself as "remote updates, backups, and security monitoring for Joomla."

Learn how Watchful.li works

What is so special about Joomla 3.3?

DO MORE with Joomla 3.3! With this version of the Joomla 3 software your website is better equipped to communicate with search engines semantically. You may or may not have heard of the term semantic search. Erin Everhart's Mashable article defines what it is quite nicely. But in a nutshell Google will be using this type of search to try to better determine how your search terms fit together to give you more accurate search results. 

do more with joomla 3.3So how does the information needed get into your website so semantic search will work for you? Microdata is found within your HTML markup that is created each time you go to a page. The graphical page you see when browsing a website has a geeky back side that is only seen by the search engines. For example if you use breadcrumbs on your website, they will be marked as such and shown in search results pages to help give a better visual representation of the topics on your website. Version 3.3 provides this allowing you to take advantage with search engines that use this.

Understand why Joomla 3 is special!

Page Titles using the Language Override Manager

lmo-1-language-managerThe page title of a website is one of the most important elements of a website's SEO. You can customize this page title in Joomla easily by editing menu items and articles. You can even display the name of the site before or after the page title. But there is always a hyphen that sneaks in there: how do you change that?

Learn how to customize your page titles

Let the Joomla Extension Finder show you the way

jef-extentionsThe beauty of Joomla has always been its extensions and community support. Now, those extensions are easier to install than ever with the new Joomla Extension Finder in Joomla 3.2.

Also known as the “Install from Web” plugin, the Joomla Extension Finder (JEF) is like the Apple App Store or Google Play; it allows for fast searching and installation of Joomla extensions without having to leave the administrator area of your Joomla site.

Learn about the Extension Finder